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What is HRPlusx?

HRPlusx is an O2O interactive and communication platform created by CIIC for HR elites. Taking the form of crossover events where fast-growing HR personnel and managers with sharing personality can meet, Plusx aims to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and innovative practices.

Brain MASSAGE, held once every month, is composed of crossover guests, enterprise HR sharing session and workshops. The activity takes the form including but not limited to brainstorming, world coffee and company visits.

The crossover topics include HR+ART, HR+Healthy, HR+Space, HR+Negotiation, etc.

What does HRPlusx connect?

This is a platform for exchange of values:

If you have stories and ideas with a heart to share, please apply to be the sharing guest at Brain Massage once every month.

If you want to express your views and insights in written words on CIIC HRPlusx platform, please apply to be an "HR + special writer".

You can offer opportunities to visit benchmark enterprises, rendering more corporate senior managers the chance to communicate and learn from each other.

HRPlusx will provide: Shooting of personal professional image, recommendation to be a guest speaker at major forums, recommendation to participate in the "excellent human resources management" and "corporate social responsibility" selection by authoritative media and the chance to become CIIC "wise partner".

What does HRPlusx insist?
  • We insist on content first. Upholding the concept of “connection creates value”, we are very careful in selecting the guest speakers and has visited and communicated with the chosen ones for several times.
  • We insist on great experience. A survey questionnaire is designed for each activity, so that HRPlusx will get the feedback from the participants and continue to optimize and improve the quality of activities.
  • It is our belief that learning doesn’t necessarily have to be paid for. A group of people with common goals and vision will naturally share and learn from each other when they meet. HRPlusx is not only a platform. Whether on stage or off stage, the same elite group composed of senior HR managers and corporate executives, gather together to create the future and achieve win-win situation and common growth.

What should we use to make connection? Interesting and useful thought sharing and clash might a proved answer.

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